Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lazy Saturday

It is so nice to have a day at home. I was able to get back to my normal eating routine and also spend some quality time with this handsome fellow. His name is Furry Lewis and he will be 12 this September.
He kept me company while I enjoyed my favorite coffee combination. Six ounces of strongly brewed coffee with a half scoop of Chocolate Splendor Unjury and a touch of fat-free half-and- half.

Since I haven't gotten to have my normal breakfast for the past four days, a scrambled egg and a dollop of ricotta was a welcome treat.

Lunch was also a favorite from last week. I have been getting hungrier between meals, so I had 3 ounces of ham and 2.8 ounces of fresh mozzarella. I really did not mean to have that much, but I was finishing up the rest of the container and didn't have any idea it would be 2.8 ounces. I recorded it in MyFitnessPal, and it really was way too much fat. My dietitian at my clinic has only told me to pay attention to calories and protein, but they haven't said anything about fat grams. What have your experiences been with this? What do you keep track of?

Dinner was the best meal of the day. I have been looking forward to this for such a long time. People in the South are crazy about Chick-Fil-A. I'm no exception although I have trouble with their politics. After the whole gay marriage/Chick-Fil-A fiasco last summer, I made a decision that at the end of every calendar year I would add up the amount of money I had spent there and donate it to an LGBT charity of my choice. Damn them and their delicious fowl. Tonight I had an 8 count nugget with buffalo sauce and a small diet lemonade. Not at the same time, of course. I drank the lemonade on the way home (sans straw) before I ate dinner.  I have gotten really good about not drinking until an hour and 20 minutes after every meal. I set a timer on my iPhone that tells me when it's okay to begin drinking again.

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you what I did for the rest of the evening. Now I enjoy a good highbrow documentary, but I also enjoy (and by enjoy, I mean LOVE) a trashy Lifetime movie. And how could I resist the world premiere of Anna Nicole?  I'm kind of starting to worry about myself. Last Saturday night I watched Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret. By the way, have you ever noticed how many Lifetime movies have the word "dirty" in the title? As I was looking through the DirecTV guide today, I noticed there was also one called Dirty Teacher. Oh my.

I also recorded Auntie Mame on Turner Classic to watch later. I've seen it a million times, but I can never get over the set design. It is just gorgeous.

And here it's "dirty" total. ;)

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