Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Fill That Wasn't

Ok...I know everyone with a lap band already knows this...but lemme just say it again:

EVERY day with the band is different.




Color me confused. A few days ago I was desperately in need of a fill. At least according to the guidelines laid out by my surgeon. I could eat large meals. I was getting hungry less than three hours after a dense protein meal. And yes...I was seeking snacks. That was me...I was a Snack Seeker. :)

But as of Sunday? No sir. My band feels as tight as can be. Typically after a fill I am very...how should I put this....aware of my band. I can feel it in there. I've been feeling like that since Sunday night. Now...don't get me wrong. I can still eat normally, but I have to do everything exactly right...small bites, chewing carefully. All the things we know to do.

So...yesterday I called and cancelled the fill I had for this afternoon. I hope it was the right move. Who knows? I did reschedule for January 29th. We shall see.

Could it be the riduculously cold weather? Stress? I really am at a loss.

Hope everyone is staying warm! Thanks for reading.


  1. Truth! I think you are smart for cancelling it and waiting. Who knows why you tightened up, but if its working right now...run with it!

  2. It seems to be. Although we all know that could change at any moment. Ha! My hunger has been fine today. Of course it is still sooooooo cold outside. :(