Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weigh-In Saturday

Starting weight: 301
Last week's weight: 242
Today's weight: 239
Total loss: 62 pounds
Banded: 6/7/2013

Well hellllllloooooo, 230's. So glad to see YOU. It's been quite a while. :) I am super pleased with the 3lb. loss this week.

It has been a great day Saturday. I started off with Unjury coffee and some Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Strawberries. What was even better is that I made several servings of these last time and froze them. They freeze really just have to microwave them for about a minute. The recipe for these is on my Instagram as well as a video of how to make them. I love Instagram. If you do too, you can follow me at: lapbandeats
After that I headed to the gym for workout #4 this week. I have never been super into workout clothes...I would throw on just any old t-shirt and sweat pants. But lately I've been on a workout gear kick. I wore some compression leggings and my new Nike dri-fit shirt today. Could looking better inspire better workouts? Hmmmmm. It's a theory worth investigating.
I stopped by Wendy's and got a small chili for lunch, and then came home and took a long, hot bath. Followed by the best 2 hour nap EVER.
Later, John and I headed to Little Rock to go to Chipotle for dinner. I got the same thing I always do...2 Carnitas tacos with fajita veggies, and salsa verde. Delicioso! John had a burrito the size of my head. After dinner, I convinced him that I needed to go to Ulta. I can spend quite a while there, but managed to get out in about 20 minutes with just a NYX lip gloss in Sponge Cake.
Walmart was next on the agenda and it was actually pretty painless. I got lots of good stuff for this week. We are getting ready to relax and watch some episodes of The First 48 or something on the ID channel. We LOVE stuff like that. Oh...and later there WILL be one of these. :)
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for reading.


  1. You didn't post how to find you on IG... Follow me so I can follow back (holleealexandria). You can even find a photo of Mr. Banker on mine :)

    1. Ha! You're totally right. It's: lapbandeats

      There's a link on the side of the page, but I forget people on mobile devices can't always see it. I'm going to go back and edit that right now. And then I'm going to go follow you on Insta! :)

  2. What an awesome day...and I need to follow you on instagram too! i don't use it too often...but if thats where you are keeping your recipes...

    1. I am an Instagram FIEND. I think I like it even more than facebook. Come find me!