Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weigh-In Saturday

Starting weight: 301
Last week's weight: 244
Today's weight: 242
Total loss: 59 pounds
Banded: 6/7/2013

Hey everyone! Happy Weekend! Really happy with the 2 lb loss this week. I am hoping to be down an even 60 by this 5 month bandiversary. We will see.

Please excuse the late posting, but I have been out and about all day enjoying the fabulous Fall weather. It has really been wonderful. I started out this morning with my Unjury coffee. I add a half scoop of Unjury, Vanilla most days, Chocolate Splendor when I'm in the mood for a mocha. I also add about 2 TB of fat free half and half. A whisk makes the process much easier. 70 calories, 12 g protein.
For breakfast I was craving something McDonald's-esque, but I know better. I had half of this instead. My version of a Sausage Egg McMuffin. I ate the other half after I got home from working out. It's a half of an English muffin with scrambled egg, a Morningstar Farms sausage pattie, and a slice of good ol' Borden processed cheese. You all are familiar with my love of the processed cheese. :) 270 calories, 24g protein.
After eating both halves of this, I wasn't hungry until about 6pm. I had a fill on Wednesday and it is really doing the trick. Nice.

When I was finished with all my errands and shopping, I stopped off at Chipotle for dinner. Chipotle is one of my hands-down favorites. I got 2 Carnitas crispy tacos with fajita vegetables and salsa verde. I apologize that there's no photo. I was so excited about eating, I totally forgot! 270 calories, 21 g protein.

Now it's about 9pm and I'm getting ready to watch some TV with my best buddy Furry Lewis.
John is playing a gig tonight so I haven't seen much of him today, but that's okay because we've got a Fall Picnic planned for tomorrow afternoon. This weekend is the peak of color here in Arkansas, so we are taking a little road trip up Scenic Highway 7 to our favorite place in the Ouachita National Forest. I'm excited!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I found you through searching lap banding blogs :)
    I was just banded on Wednesday.
    The egg mcmuffin looks delish!!

    1. Welcome! I'm so glad you found me!

      Congratulations! How are you feeling so far?

      It was really good and it hit the spot for that fast food craving. I was surprised at how long it kept me full. Undoubtedly all the protein.

    2. I'm feeling good. Started back to work Monday so it's been a hard time adjusting to that, but good so far :-)

      Look forward to following your blog!