Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weigh-In Saturday

Starting weight: 301
Last week's weight: 207
Today's weight: 205
Total loss: 96 pounds
Banded: 6/7/2013

Hey everyone....happy last weekend of April to you!

Another two pounds gone this week. REALLY happy about that. I'm feelin' that BIG number coming around the bend. You know the one I'm talking about...and I just cannot wait for it to get here. All in good time.

My mentality this week can best be described as "in the trenches". Making my plan, and working that plan. Grocery shoppin'. Meal prep. Workouts. Resisting temptation. Daily focus. Self-care. Stress management. Seriously...can I get an assistant?

Anyone who has weight loss surgery and doesn't think they aren't going to have to work hard EVERY day is in for a rude awakening. Do you hear me? Every. Day.

Work. WERK.

And I've been workin' it like the rent's due TONIGHT!

How have I lost 96 pounds in 10 and a half months? Hard work.

I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for reading.


  1. congrats on the loss :) and amen to that picture, I have heard this sooo often.

    1. Thank you so much! There is SUCH a misunderstanding of what WLS actually is. And what it does. This lapband can't stop a milkshake. Ha!

  2. You are so close and so am I. Scale said 203 this morning. My foot is killing me but I refuse to let it stop me!!!

    1. That's right! We are too close to let up now! :)

  3. Just wanted to say hi, I discovered your blog earlier today and read it start to finish. I am 6 days post lap Band and your food info has given me a lot of great ideas. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much! Comments like yours absolutely MAKE my day. Keep me posted on how you're doing. SO glad you are here. :)

  4. Two weeks ago I met a guy who was attempting to pursue me. During our first interaction weight loss came up and I told him I'd lost 100 pounds. His response was "Oh wow, did you do it the hard way?" I said "I didn't realize there was an easy way to lose 100 pounds..." Yeah, mentally written off then and there.

    So I love this picture!

    And yes, hard freaking work. Every. D. Day.

  5. You tell them. One bad a$$ lady showing how its done. Thanks for the motivation!