Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weigh-In Saturday

Starting weight: 301
Last week's weight: 220
Today's weight: 220
Total loss: 81 pounds
Banded: 6/7/2013

Well…that was completely expected.

There are a few words in the lap band community that are used a lot. I think the two that probably irritate me the most are "tool" and "journey". Although they are both a bit over used, there's a really good reason that they are used SO much. Number one... the lap band IS just a tool. And no matter how many times you hear it said, the truth of that statement cannot be disputed. As for journey…there is probably no other word that we bandsters love to use more. And there's a good reason for that too. The word "journey" evokes the notion that it's going to take someone a while to get where they're going. Perhaps there will be a little bit of meandering, a few pit stops...hell, even a few breakdowns. All while keeping your eye on the final destination. It's hard to read a lap band blog post and not find some mention of the person's journey. And that's totally appropriate and fitting. I think a lot of us look at this whole crazy ride as a journey. Sometimes it sounds more like an odyssey. Maybe that's the word we should all start using. Hey...let's start a new trend!

As for my "odyssey" this week. Picture me chained to a rock like Andromeda, while the Kraken is getting ready to take me down Clash of the Titans style. Where is Perseus, dammit? And bee tee dubs...can we all just pause and reflect on a young Harry Hamlin circa 1981?  Damn, Gina.
But I digress. It was an epic battle this week for sure. I love Valentine's Day and I will not be ashamed! I mean...the two major themes are love and chocolate. I like both!  I always bake some sort of indulgent treat for John, my friends at school, and John's work friends. This year it was Berger Cookies. They are a Baltimore thing. Luka Beth knows what I'm talking about. I also went to two baby showers this week for my BFF. One was last Saturday night, and I don't think I've ever been to any shower with better food. It was delighfully swanky and the hosts went ALL out. It was just amazing. Then on Tuesday, we had her shower at school. I made lemon cream cheese tarts for that. I think you can all see where this is headed. After all the eating, drinking, and baking I did this week, I'm feeling grateful to have maintained. The good news is that I have absolutely no occasions coming up for weeks and weeks. Everything can go back to status quo.

Oh and have I also mentioned that I'm sick? Yep…a sinus infection. And let's talk about that for a minute, because I need your help. This is the first sinus infection that I've gotten since I've been banded. When it started out, I actually thought I was having acid reflux. What is that all about? I took a Zantac and some Tums and it never went away. I was starting to think that my band was too tight because of the night cough I had. After a couple of days though, it became clear that I was just getting sick. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt like sinus drainage was acid reflux? Does the drainage irritate your esophagus like that? Please comment if you have any insight on this, because it really freaked me out. I even spent a couple days thinking that maybe I needed to go for an unfill.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is sunny and 65 here after weeks and weeks of temps in the 20's. Even though I don't feel so great, I'm going to try and get out and take advantage of it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I totally get the sinus drainage reflux issue. Been dealing with it for weeks.

    1. Okay… I didn't know if this was a thing or not. Thank you so much for commenting. At least now I know what I'm dealing with. I hope yours clears up soon. This is no fun at all.

  2. LOVE the Harry Hamlin photo. I just watched the 2012 Wrath of the Titans from Netflix and it was nowhere NEAR as entertaining at the original Clash of the Titans - except they had BUBO! :) Sinus infection - I am prone to them and get at least one per year. This works I SWEAR - you just have to get over the ooginess of it. Neil Med Sinus Rinse (not a Netti Pot - you need the bottle that allows you to flush your sinuses with pressure). Start flushing your sinuses with distilled water and one of the prepared saline packets. Do the rinse 3-4 times a day. It will flush all that congestion out as well as the bacteria. Then do the sinus once a day for a few weeks past the infection. Let me know if it works! (Really, it is WELL WORTH getting past the discomfort of shooting water up your nose.)

    1. I mean...I could look at photos of a young Harry H. for hours. Is he not pretty? The old Harry H. isn't too shabby either. :)

      Thanks for the advice on the Sinus Rinse. I love my Neti Pot, but this sounds like next level business, right here. I'm going to have to get brave and try it. Sinus infections with a lap band are AWFUL! Thanks for the help!