Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

​​​​​​1. First things first....what a difference a few days have made in my state of mind. Things have not calmed down that much, but I'm managing better. I think it was mostly just realizing that I had too much going on and taking a step back from the fray.

2. Something else that has helped me...on Sunday, my band decided to tighten up and it has stayed that way. I had a tiny fill scheduled for yesterday, but I cancelled it. Don't know if it's the weather or what, but I am digging this new development.

3. My Polar Heart Rate Monitor came in the mail yesterday and I cannot wait to check it out. It's going to be really interesting to see what my "calorie burn" is versus what the Cybex Arc Trainer tells me. Stay tuned for a review.

4. Operation "Eat Dinner at Home" has gone really well this week. The only meal I've eaten in a restaurant was last night. It was at one of my favorite Mexican places and I ordered the Tortilla Soup. Have I mentioned my love of the Tortilla Soup? It's my fave. Luckily in Central Arkansas, there are a zillion places to get it.

5. Something kind of cool happened yesterday. The husband of a co-worker is scheduled for LapBand surgery on May 30th. With my surgeon Dr. Wellborn. Yay!!! My co-worker came to me yesterday and asked me if I could jot down some info...what to buy at the grocery store for after surgery, etc, any know. "short list" turned into about 4 handwritten pages and it got me thinking....I should really do a post about What To Expect...The Things that I Wish Someone Had Told Me. I also realized just how much I have learned and internalized about the band and how it works. All of those rules, tips, and tricks that used to seem so overwhelming are now just a part of my daily life. I know a lot of people that view my page are pre-op or in the "research stage" and it might be beneficial for them to read. So...Veteran Bandsters...HolleeAnnaKarin, Christy, Luka Beth, Cheri,...I'm calling on you guys to help. Send me your wisdom.

6. Do you guys know Jessica over at Jessica's Journey to Onerderland? Well...she's quite fabulous. And just this past week she got a fabulous new haircut. It's really inspiring me to make a change myself. My hair has gotten WAY too long. Something about the start of summer that makes me want to chop it off. Ok...maybe not ALL of it. I've got an appt. scheduled for Monday. Woo hoo!

7. Speaking of summer....and I KNOW you guys are probably SO sick of me speaking of summer :)....I am extremely exicted about the World Cup!! I'm a soccer fan anyway...I mainly watch a lot of English Premier League games...but the World Cup is my favorite. To get you guys all in the is a little gift from me to you. Because errbody knows that it really should be called the World Cup of Hotness.

8. Tomorrow is yearbook day at school. Oh my lord. Remember what MONUMENTAL importance that day held?? I know I used to agonize over what I wrote in yearbooks. Would I be able to REALLY express to that person just how GREAT is was to sit behind them in Algebra II for these past 9 months??? Oh the Angela Chase/Jordan Catalano-ness of it all. It got me this day of social media overload are yearbooks the giant deal they used to be? Does it mean the same thing when Hottie McFine from AP American History favorites your Tweet? And when you can just scroll through someone's Instagram posts to relive old memories?

9. I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned today. Here's something weird...I LOVE going to the dentist. Always have. And John and I have a wonderful dentist. We heart him. So much so that we are even featured on the patient testimonial page on his website. What a hoot!! Something I thought about this morning...97 pounds ago, I don't know that I would've felt comfortable with my smilin' mug on a website. It's pretty cool that I had a picture he could use on the site that I actually like!

10. And finally...I want to give a shout out to several lovely ladies in my life that are on their own paths to health and fitness. Look...whether you've got a lot of weight to lose or you just want to drop a tiny's ALL hard. The process is the exact same. So proud of all of you!

Here's to health and success for us all. Happy Thursday!

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. 3rd time posting this. The title should be "what to expect when your expecting... A LapBand". The rest I'll have to email you!

    1. Ok...that's the best title EVER. I'm totally going to call it that.

  2. Girl I adore you, your heart, and sprirt. and I love these TTT's. PS # 5 is an awesome idea!

    1. Awwww!!! Thank you so much!!! Right back at you!

      Send me your wisdom, your tips, etc. You rocked the band like nobody's business. People need to learn from you!

  3. I totally agree with number five, I see it on facebook from Icelandic lapbandsters that they have no idea what to do post surgery and a post like that would be great.

    1. Excellent!

      Yes...we all know that post op strategies are the KEY. Send me an email telling me what you think they should know. Thanks for reading!