Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Week's Eats and a Fill Update

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are having a great first week of Fall. I wanted to pop in with a quick update about the fill that I got today and also show you guys what I've been eating this week. Let's start with the food!

I'm still in the groove of keeping things as simple as possible. For me that means eating the same things multiple days in a row. I never thought I would be a person who could do this. TOTALLY new for me since being banded. For breakfast this week it's been a boiled egg, half of a Oroweat English muffin, and a wedge of Weight Watchers Swiss cheese. I guess this is WW's answer to Laughing Cow. I have to say I prefer the Laughing Cow over this. It's not bad at all, but it does have kind of a strong Swiss flavor, and the Laughing Cow tastes more like cream cheese.
Lunch has been 2 ounces of smoked Sara Lee ham, a tablespoon of roasted red bell pepper hummus, a Kraft jalapeno cheese stick, and five reduced fat Ritz crackers. All packed in my handy-dandy container. I'm so glad I picked this up at Target when I saw it last spring. I carry it almost every day and it's the perfect size.
I've been really good about working out this week, but I've found that eating something beforehand makes all the difference in what I'm able to do. I'm completely digging these South Beach bars. They taste like a candy bar and have 6g protein too. I got the whipped peanut butter flavor this week and they are just as good as the whipped chocolate and almond version I showed you guys a while back.
I've been in a chili mood lately, but haven't really felt like cooking when I get home. I love Wendy's chili and rely on it a lot. There is an eighth cup of shredded cheddar cheese hiding under there too. And of course my five reduced fat Ritz crackers. :)
Nutrition stats for Monday, Tuesday, and half of today.
I had my appointment for my fourth fill today, and all day long I really debated about whether I even needed it. I got to my surgeon's office and told Greg (the incredible nurse from my first and second fills) exactly what I've been eating. In fact, I even showed him the pictures that I took for this blog post! He said that he thought I might need a baby fill. So I got .5 cc., bringing me to 5.7 total. We will see how this goes. I'll be on clear liquids tonight and full liquids tomorrow. You know I don't mind a full liquid day. Because it means I get to eat this delicious soup:
I ran into my surgeon on the way out and he told me a lot of really nice things about how I am doing, and that he could really tell that I have lost weight. The clinic has me at 49 pounds lost. At home I'm still showing 47.5.

Onward and downward! Thanks for reading!


  1. I got a fill today too...0.5 to bring me to six. I'm amazed at how little you eat...i eat way more...or i did. I think this fill might help me to cut that down. Great job!

    1. Yeah… I really wasn't sure I was going to get one when I went there today. I hope this one will just keep me where I've been. It's been really great to be able to eat so little and feel fine. I hope this one is the one that does the trick for you too!

  2. I was thinking the same eat so little...I'm excited for your mini fill and can't wait to see those pounds continue to melt away!

    1. Oh my gosh… I know. The old me would have eaten all of this for lunch. It's pretty incredible.