Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weigh-In Saturday

Starting weight: 301
Last week's weight: 260
Today's weight: 259
Total loss: 42 pounds

Not a bit surprised by that one pound loss this week. After last week's 4 pound loss, I knew it wasn't going to be massive. I always step on the scale three times....does anyone else do that? Just to make sure the number is right. Two out of the three times I was 259, and then once I was 258.5. So it might be a pound and a half, but I'm gonna say one. :)

We got in super late last night. The Steely Dan concert was amazing. It was at Mud Island, so we took the tram across the Mississippi River right at sunset. So beautiful. I couldn't help but think of that scene from the movie The Firm where Tom Cruise was running from the bad guys! That's exactly where we were.

The only bad part of the evening...I got stung on the arm by a wasp right before the show. I shook it off, but man it HURT. I held my cold water bottle on it the rest of the night.

I picked John up at work in Little Rock at 4:30 so we could make it to the show in time. Memphis is about two hours away. That meant...dinner on the road! A tradition of ours is to stop at the Krystal burger in West Memphis. The last time we were there was right before we saw Aretha Franklin in Tunica...a couple of years ago. I think Krystal is a Southern thing, but just for reference, it's a lot like White Castle. They serve sliders, basically. We don't have one around here. Probably a good thing for me. Before being banded, a stop at Krystal would have meant at least 4 sliders (with mayo), and a big order of fries. Last night I ate 2 Cheese Krystals (320 cal total) and was perfectly satisfied. I may have even enjoyed them more because I wasn't wolfing them down.

I didn't even wake up today until around 11:30. It's about 6pm now, and all I've had is breakfast. A piece of Ezekiel bread, toasted, with a scrambled egg, and a slice of 2% Swiss cheese. I just made a big Wal-Mart trip and stopped off at a local BBQ restaurant to get some pulled pork for dinner. I also picked up some pulled chicken to make chicken salad for my lunches this week. I was totally inspired by Austin Bander!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm working on a progress photo page and a recipe page too.

Thanks for reading!


  1. So glad the concert was great and boo that wasp! Just reading your post made me hungry. lol. I seriously want you to come be my personal chef! ;)

    1. Oh my gosh...would we not have the BEST time? I actually considering culinary school when I was younger, but opted for a traditional four year college instead. I often wonder what that would have been like!

      Yeah...the wasp sting hurt. Oddly enough it didn't bother me as much as the man next to me who brought his own maracas and played them all night long. Seriously! It was crazy! Luckily he left before they played my favorite song. :)