Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Hey everyone! It's about that time! Here we go with Triple T!

1. Really starting to feel like I'm hitting my groove at school. I'm not coming home every day feeling like I've run a marathon anymore. This is a good thing! I am also starting to get more comfortable with my students, and learn more about their individual personalities.

2. Speaking of school, during the day I have way more energy than I've had in years. I used to prioritize my trips up and down the stairs so that I could make as few of them as possible. Happy to say that isn't the case anymore. Now the stairs are no big deal and I'm up and down them several times a day. I can count that as some of my cardio, right!?

3. Last week I mentioned how I was kind of down because nobody had noticed my weight loss. Literally the very next day, a woman I teach with that doesn't know I had surgery, asked me if I had been losing weight. And then of course I got the dreaded "how are you doing it?" This is a woman that I'm not overly fond of, and is well known to be hypercritical. I told her I had been cutting calories and exercising. Okay… Not really a lie, but not really the whole truth either. In that moment, I simply didn't feel like telling her the whole story. I'm really interested to hear how you guys handle all of this at work.

4. My eating has been totally on point this week. On Saturday I mentioned that I was going to pick up some chopped, smoked chicken from the barbecue restaurant. This is like the best idea I've had in a while. Although it was more expensive than getting rotisserie chickens and chopping them up myself, it tasted better and I didn't have to do all the prep work. So for lunch I've been having barbecue chicken sandwiches, and for breakfast I've been having a hard-boiled egg with half of a cinnamon raisin English muffin and a Laughing Cow. Dinner has varied a bit, but for the last couple of nights I've had an eight count chicken nugget from Chick-fil-A.
5. Have you guys done yourself a favor and listened to Lap Band Gal's podcast yet? John and I both sat down and listened to it on Sunday afternoon. Man… I continue to be inspired by her. Please. Someone with some sense. Give this woman a book deal. A TV show. Something.

6. I figured out how to do it! Progress photos and before photos are now up on this blog. I'm here to tell you… This was kind of out of my comfort zone. But I did it anyway. :)

7. The fun of shopping my own closet continues. I wore a shirt yesterday that I literally could not get over my shoulders when I got it last spring. Why did I buy it, you ask? See this post. In my mind I've been calling it my "birthday shirt" because I wanted to be able to wear it by my birthday which is Saturday. Not only did it fit, I had quite a bit of extra room. Just cut the tags off another one that I'm wearing tomorrow.

8. Did you guys buy yourself a reward present when you hit certain goals? I'm starting to think about my 50 pound goal reward. I'm thinking about either a massage or this perfume. I got a sample of it in my Birchbox a while back, and I'm slightly obsessed with it. Maybe every time I put it on, I'll be inspired to keep right on plugging along. :)

9.  It has been over 100° here for the past four or five days. We cannot catch a break. I am so ready for fall. It's my favorite season. Arkansas is BEAUTIFUL in late October/early November.

10. I go for my fourth fill on September 25th, and right now I'm wondering if I'm going to need one at all. I really think the third one did the trick. I may feel differently in a couple of weeks. But maybe not. If I do get one, I think it will be really, really tiny.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. thanks for reading!


  1. Hey dollface!
    1. You rock. I want you to teach my children!
    2. Heck yes stairs are cardio! I can't wait for your NSV day when you tell me you've been taking them 2 at a time!
    3 and 6. Holy shnikes! You look completely different! Beautiful! Congratulations on all your hard shows!
    4. *sigh*...I'm doing that darn pouch test because my eating has been so off point. Did I mention I wanted you to be my personal chef? :D
    5. She is pretty awesome.
    7. I also have piles of clothes too small that I always intended to get into. I love that I can start wearing some of them now!
    8. I'm smitten with the perfume Beautiful. Its all I wear...I'm boring like that.
    9. Ugh.
    10. My fourth fill is in about 4 weeks too. I'm totally going to tell him to crank it up 1cc!

    1. Hey you! Thanks for the totally cool list comment! Thank you so much for all the positivity! :-) I just read your post from the other day about the pouch test. I've been hearing about that everywhere and it seems like people are having a lot of success with it. I know a plateau can be the most frustrating thing in the world. Especially when you have a big goal in mind like seeing the man you love. You are going to get unstuck. I bet you'll see results in a few days. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. My next appt for a fill is 9/25 also. I didn't tell anyone about my surgery. They think i had my gal bladder out. When asked about how I'm losing weight i tell them that i watch what i eat and exercise. Which its the truth. I still have to make good Choices. And make myself exercise. And yes small rewards will keep youton track. Greatjob!

    1. I just told a few close friends. Once I get going a little bit, I kind of feel like I'll be open about it. I really wish this particular woman had not been the first one to ask about it. Seriously. She's the kind of woman that looks at other peoples lunches and makes comments about whether they should or shouldn't be eating that particular food. I know every workplace probably has someone like that. I think I will probably go for the perfume. I need some anyway! :-)

  3. Awwwwww. Shucks. Thanks for the shout out my friend. I'm so glad you liked the podcast :)

    1. Loved it. You and I have very similar personalities in that we research everything to the letter. The whole time when you were talking about this, I kept thinking "LBG's blog was a HUGE part of my research." I know I've told you this before, but I learned more from you than anyone. I'm totally need to write a book. :)

  4. I love your progress pics! You're doing such a great job - I can definitely see a difference.

    I like your perfume idea as a 50 lb reward.

    1. Thank you SO much. It was hard to put them out there, but hopefully it'll keep getting easier and easier.

      Your surgery date is getting close! Are you excited? Nervous? A little of both?