Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weigh-In Saturday

I weighed first thing when I woke up this morning. I'm down 2 lbs since last Saturday. I'm trying to be happy about this. Trying. I know weight loss stalls after the honeymoon period of WLS is over, and before the first fill. But really? This is my weight loss on 850 calories a day? I'm starting to think maybe 850 calories is too low? What do you guys think? What have your experiences been with this? I would LOVE to hear from you all. My friend Melissa...who had lap band surgery on July 10th...and I were discussing this earlier today and I told her that I think my body is in "WTF Mode". I mean...there have been some monumental changes in the past six weeks. Surgery, introduction of a cardio/weights program. etc. Maybe I'm being hard on myself. I have no clue.

I had my iced coffee with Vanilla Unjury and then I headed for the gym. I'm happy to say that I achieved both of the goals I set for myself this past week: working out 4 times, and getting in at least 64 oz. of water a day.

After I came home I was ravenous, so I had a scrambled egg/cottage cheese pita for brunch/lunch.

This time with Smoked Tabasco. I was all set to make the cottage cheese pancakes again, but didn't have quite enough cottage cheese. That will be remedied quickly! I've been thinking about those since I had them yesterday morning.

I met my friend Carmen and two of her friends for dinner at Outback. I have been there once or twice....the one in Little Rock always has at least an hour wait, but I found out that it has some really decent protein choices. I went with the 6oz sirloin  that came with crab legs. I got one side, so I chose the green beans. Here is what it looked like when it came to the table.
It was really, really delicious. I did discover that my crab leg cracking skills need some work though.
After I got home I had a serious chocolate craving and I remembered that I had these...
And thank god, because they really did the trick. They are small, but dense. Kind of like a more substantial Three Musketeers.
My totals for the day. Check out that protein! Woo hoo!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Good job. I do think your body is in WTF. Mode. Kick it .up to 1000 cal or 1100 and see what happens.

    1. I really do think that's it too. I'm going to switch it up a little bit and see what happens. I've heard people talk about "calorie cycling". I need to investigate it.

      I am feeling good about one thing the past I've let slow weight loss derail me. I would be like "what's the point?" I'm really glad that this time I'm not feeling like that AT ALL. I know I've got to just forge ahead.

  2. The higher my protein count is the better my WL is.. my PA confirmed that at my last fill... I average 100-115 grams a day.. and can still keep calories btwn 900-1100... I bumped my protein up slowly though like 10 or 15 grams/day a wk till I got there ( started at 60 a day)
    Good Luck girl ( PS I work out 7 days a wk and this is a good amount for me but we are all different)

    1. Wow! 7 days a week is amazing! What are your favorite workouts?

  3. I would say your calories are really low. But I wouldn't expect more than 2lbs a week loss anyway, and you don't necessarily want more than that. 1-2 lbs is supposed to be the healthiest way and pretty standard for lap banders I think. I have my calories calibrated by MyFitnessPal and my fitbit. They're at about 1250 daily. I'd like to do less, but I keep my band on the loose side.

    1. That is really what I'm thinking too. Yes...I've had no fill yet. Basically I'm surviving on willpower alone. I don't get as hungry as I would if I had no band, but it can get pretty intense. I might play around with my calories a bit and see what happens.